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Easy Business Toolkit - 2000+ HR Related Documents & Templates Just For 1500 INR

Easy Business HR Toolkit is an extensive library of business documents & templates that covers literally any situation where a document is needed. From the shareholders agreement to the marketing plan or the employee handbook, Easy Business HR Toolkit is an incredible productivity tool!
Stop calling your lawyer or external consultant every time you have to write down those complex business documents – and save on their overpriced hourly rates! With Easy Business HR Toolkit, you are able to write the most sophisticated documents yourself – all you have to do is get your lawyer or consultant to review them. The bottom line is enormous savings!


Get all the business letters, legal forms, agreements, contracts, notices, sales and marketing documents, checklists, handbooks, manuals, guides, policies or spreadsheets you need to efficiently run your organization in the new economy.​​

What you will get in Easy Business HR Toolkit
  • Discipline & Behavior

  • Letters & Memos

  • Motivation

  • Personality  & Ability Tests

  • Staff Management

  • Surveys & Evaluations 

  • Operations Documents

  • Misc Formats

  • Letters

  • Email Formats

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Contractors & Consultants

  • Employee Records

  • Employee Reference Letters

  • Notices

  • Firing & Termination

  • Hiring Employees

  • Interview Documents

  • Job Announcement

  • Letters to Applicants

  • Hiring Module Templates

  • Recruitment Templates

  • Employee Compensation Templates

  • Statutories Documents

  • Engagement Plan Templates

  • Job Descriptions Documents

  • Employee Policies Documents

  • Exit Process Documents

  • Employee Onboarding Documents

  • Performance Management Process

Features & Benefits

Key Features:

The following are Easy Business  HR Toolkit key features. You can buy and download the product instantly from our secured e-commerce site:

Comprehensive Set of Business Documents

  • Includes all standard business documents, spreadsheets and legal agreements.

  • Get the right document for virtually any transaction or situation.

  • The documents are categorized by departmental or functional utility for quick reference.

High-Quality and Up to Date Content

  • Documents are written and edited by professional managers & attorneys.

  • Tried and tested documents.

  • Contains over 150 links to the best Small & Mid Sized business solutions providers.

Well Formatted Documents

  • Professional looking design.

  • Ready to use in most common MS Word Document.

Fill in the Blanks Templates

  • Do-it-yourself documents library.

  • Each document is completely customizable.


Almost Universally Accepted

  • Written in English.

  • Easily adaptable to your specific situation.


Accessible Pricing

  • Pays back for itself on the first use.

  • The entire templates library is offered to you at a price many retailers charge for 5 legal forms!


Save Money

  • Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in attorney and consultant fees.

  • Minimize the legal costs of managing your workforce.

  • Reduce training costs.

Save Time

  • Save hundreds of hours in document writing and formatting.

  • Be more efficient.


Save Efforts

  • Get the job done more easily.

  • Simplify your work and life!

  • Don’t start from scratch anymore.

Protect Yourself & Your Company

  • Protect or assert your legal rights.

  • Safeguard your business and property.

Better Manage Your Workforce

  • Excellent learning tool for all your employees.

  • Help your employees be more productive.

  • Transform knowledge into productive results.

Better Manage Your Business

  • Start or maintain your business with a solid base of professional documents.

  • Provide each of your business departments with a useful source of templates.

  • Helps to get your business organized.

  • Start building your Intranet on a solid base.

Improve Your Business Skills

  • Get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Improve your ability to negotiate better business agreements.